Making A Difference For Women
2009 Recipient Betty Frederick
Making A Difference For Women
A program to honor local women
who help improve the lives of
Women and Children in our local community.
   Betty Frederick has selflessly dedicated her life for over 15 years to women in the Rogue Valley seeking help to stay sober and get their lives productive.

     February 9, 1988 was a day that changed her life forever.  On Vilas Rd. in Central Point, a drunk driver crashed head on into Betty’s car.  Heather, her fifteen month old granddaughter, was killed and Betty was put in a wheel chair not knowing if she would ever walk normally again.

     Betty wanted to have an impact to prevent others from suffering the same fate.  Putting people away after they harmed other people was not her idea of solving the drunk driving problem.  She thought that if she could save just one family from experiencing the same tragedy, her life would have real meaning. In November 1993, after much soul searching, research, and a miraculous recovery, Betty opened Heathers Haven on 4th Street in Medford.  This was the first clean and sober housing for women in the state of Oregon.  Under her direction and personal hard work and sacrifice, Heathers Haven continues to serve the women of our community.

Betty, Diana and Max
     Now, over 20 years after the day that changed her and her families lives forever, hundreds of women are clean, sober and productive citizens of our community due to the existence of Heathers Haven.  Betty works tirelessly to provide a safe environment and to inspire women to remain clean and sober. She takes no pay for these services, Betty and her husband have used their own funds to keep this home open 
     For Betty's family to see women start over and learn to live wholesome lives free from addiction has been their reward.                                                                           
 $300 was donated to her charity of choice. (Heathers Haven)

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