About Heathers Haven

Heathers Haven was founded in memory of Heather Frederick for the purpose of providing a positive effect on the community to prevent human suffering and to bring joy and quality of life into the lives of the less fortunate.

Heather Frederick was killed by a drunk driver on the ninth of February in 1988 at the age of 15 months.  During her short stay here, Heather brought joy into the lives of many.  She was an angel on a mission.  The Frederick Family desires to continue on that mission.

Heather's Haven is in a house in Medford, Oregon belonging to Betty and Max Frederick.  The house at 726 West Fourth Street is dedicated to the memory of Heather Frederick.  

The goal of Heather's Haven is to be a part of a positive solution to one of the biggest problems of many families in our community.  Incarceration of individuals for drug and alcohol use is the negative approach.  Heather's Haven offers the system an alternative for those who want a positive solution and can respond to a supportive environment.

Heather's Haven was set up for women who need a place to live in a Clean And Sober Housing environment.  Basically it is for women who need a place when they come out of substance abuse treatment.  It is also open to women who need a place to live while working on recovery after they have demonstrated their determination by having at least one month clean and sober.

At Heathers  Haven women  work a twelve step program  with the understanding that a higher power is extremely important to to the success of being free of their addiction.   Christian principals are worked on by setting healthy goals.

Betty Frederick, the director of Heather's Haven has modeled the project after the Clean and Sober Housing concept which has proven successful in other areas.  This offers an alternative to returning back to the former lifestyle.  Clean and Sober housing works for those individuals who are ready to get on with their lives and put the problems of addiction behind them.  Heathers Haven provides the missing link of a secure environment where women in recovery can learn to live without returning again to their old life situation. 

Heathers Haven does not work by rescuing women who are victims of the ills of our society. Heathers Haven works by requiring women to rescue themselves from a destructive lifestyle. Heathers Haven provides a safe place and requires women to go through processes of changing their own destructive way of living. Those at Heathers Haven who do not start the process are required to leave to make room for someone who will work on their own recovery. We do the world a great disservice when we teach that it is a virtue to rescue someone from the natural consequences of their own selection of a destructive lifestyle.