Betty Frederick

Founder, President, and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Heathers Haven, Inc.

also, Overseer in charge of daily operations.




Tania Pitetti, CADC

Vice President and Director of Heathers Haven, Inc.


Tania was a resident of Heathers Haven in March of 1995. She became house manager in January, 1997. Tania also works full time at Jackson County Treatment Services.

"I love working with women who are trying to change their lives. My career goal is to work with women coming directly out of prison, to advocate for them and at the same time monitor their parole or probation. I plan to always be a part of Heathers Haven."



Kristin Abbott

Treasurer, Secretary, and Director of Heathers Haven, Inc.

Kristin has been with Heathers Haven as a bookkeeper since 1996. She moved to beautiful Ashland, Oregon in 1986 to attend Southern Oregon University. After graduating with a B. S. in Psychology, Kristin ended up finding her niche in Business. Kristin worked for several years at Alcohol and Drug treatment centers locally as a Business Manager. Eventually, Abbott Business Services was born which now keeps her busy with a variety of clients.


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Rita  Heinz
Director of Heathers Haven, Inc. 
Psychotherapist, addiction counselor

Lynn Jones

Member of Technical Staff of Heathers Haven, Inc.

Current Resident House Manager

Max Frederick

Member of Technical Staff of Heathers Haven, Inc.

also, An Old Scientist of

and author of book, Eyewitness to the Origins described at